The banner stirs despite no breeze... and despite the movement always slightly resembles a scythe.


Ebonfahne or “Black Standard”
This staff may grow with Karguile.
It functions as the following:
• Rod of Undead Mastery (it may not stack with other
RoUMs as it is made with the exact same enchantment.)
• Undead within 30’ gain +4 turn resistance.
• You may Rebuke or Command Undead as if 3 levels higher.
• Unholy Staff +1 (Evil) – +2d6 vs all Good-aligned.
• 50 Charges (Rechargeable):
o 1 – Wither Limb – DC19, 10d8
o 1 – Protect from Good
o 1 – Mass Cause Light Wounds
o 2 – Wrack (No save, touch)
 8 rounds of blind & deaf
 Helpless; may coup de grάs and -2 to all attack rolls,
checks and saves for 3d10 minutes.
 Things without Fortitude are immune to Wrack.



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